Crab snare at Koh Samui

Simple crab snare for use on a tropical beach

A crab snare comes normally in the shape of a bait cage with about six snares around. This set-up is used in combination with either a fishing line and rod or just hung down the sea bottom from a boat. This type of crab snaring can be seen here.

The presented contraption is self-explanatory in its use and is just made up from flotsam collected at the beach. Picture of typical flotsam in Thailand added. Required is only a stick and a piece of plastic string plus a good amount of patience. And a fast flick should bring a crab into the pot.

When using this type of snare, it would be best to look out for fiddler crabs, or any crabs with a good portion of meat in pincers and shell.  

Lessons learned

  • Beach flotsam provides valuable resources (strings, containers, fishing implements, …) in case of emergencies
  • Crabs can be easily caught with sticks and snares
  • Snare opening size depends on crab size and behavior

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