A little bit of background

Kurt Hoelzl

Growing up in Austria, I enjoyed learning and using local bushcraft techniques. My skills were further developed when I joined the Austrian Special Forces (Jagdkommando) and conducted survival courses, which helped to hone my skills and expand my knowledge internationally.

After completing my studies in mining engineering and teaching as an Assistant Professor, my family and I relocated to Australia in 1988. This was the first of many moves to come, including South Africa, India, and the USA, as well as a return to Austria before settling in Thailand and finally China, which we departed from at the end of 2013. Since 2014, I have been leading my own company and have had the opportunity to work on various projects in different countries. One of these projects took me to Vietnam, where I lived and worked for two years.

Throughout my travels, I have been fortunate to work with well-known international companies and to practice local bushcraft and survival techniques in each country. My interests have been focused on two main areas: Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia.

In Southern Africa, I practiced alongside local people in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe to learn how to live off the land. In South-East Asia, I specialized in traditional fishing and was mentored by local fishermen to master this art. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, I decided to dedicate myself full-time to my lifelong passion for bushcraft and survival skills. I completed a Field Guide training for Savannah biomes at Guernsey Game Reserve in South Africa, followed by a Trails Guide training at Timbavati Private Game Reserve. My mentors there, including Johan Jurgens, Wayne te Brake and Brendan Pienaar, were incredibly influential in shaping my skills and knowledge. And I also took a CyberTracker examination with Lee Gutteridge.

Since completing these trainings, I have had the opportunity to practice bushcraft and survival skills in a variety of countries within my focus areas. Currently, I am preparing for my next adventures.

My travels and experiences have taught me the importance of learning from local people and their customs, as well as the necessity of adaptability in different environments. Through my dedication to bushcraft and survival skills, I hope to inspire others to appreciate and respect the natural world, and to live in harmony with it.

Kurt can be contacted at khoelzl@bushguide101.com