101 stands for teaching and transfering native bushcraft and survival skills and -knowledge directly from one to another one

Our Mission

Bushguide 101 focusses on skills and knowledges of local people in the areas of Simple Living, Bushcraft, Foraging and Survival, preferable in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.

Bushguide 101 will promulgate these indigenous skills and knowledge and create a community of anthropological and nature-related conservationists, who see the role of humans as integrative part of nature by

  • Academic research

    Academic research in the fields of Simple Living, Bushcraft, Foraging and Survival, through documentation, preservation, and publication of indigenous knowledge and -techniques in various geographic regions

  • Experimental application

    Experimental application of these knowledges and techniques by like-minded non-indigenous researchers and students with and without assistance of local mentors

  • Individual Skills

    Gaining individual preparedness and improve these skills for comparable situations in similar environments