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Mambas of Africa
“Muhle wena kona hamba,skati wena bona mamba,noko wena hayi tshetsha,wena ifa lapa stretsha.” African proverb
Pitpit – Edible grasses in Papua New Guinea
Three types of pitpit grow in Papua New Guinea: Coastal pitpit The pitpit plant looks
Batwa pygmies traditional fire lighting method
The Batwa people live in the area around Bwindi Mgahinga National Park. This park is

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Water dispensers for handwashing

In former Soviet Union- and their satellite states, many citizens had and have water dispensers in their so-called ‘Dachas’ (Russian:

Grey Foam-nest Tree Frogs

Grey foam-nest Tree Frogs (Chiromantis xerampelina) are also called ‘Southern Foam-nest Tree Frogs’ or just ‘Foam-nest Frogs’. Their native distribution

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In cooperation with our partners, we offer a variety of workshops, adventures and activities, which are in line with Our Mission. All these offers are designed to enhance personal capabilities and experiences and are a great way to improve teambuilding.

Cres Island, 4 days
Island Survival
Main activities at this course are survival techniques, gathering both plant- and animal food and
South Africa, 10 days
Gouritsmond Survival Adventure
Our ‘Gouritsmond Survival Adventure’ consists of two modules: Module A: The ‘Survival Adventure Course’ teaches all
Namibia, 1 days
Swakopmund Beach Drive
Stunning starfish, sea hare slugs, cranky crabs and funky rock fish are but a few