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Mambas of Africa

“Muhle wena kona hamba,skati wena bona mamba,noko wena hayi tshetsha,wena ifa lapa stretsha.” African proverb “It’s advisable to hamba (walker),when

Shore fishing for Bronze Whaler Shark

Bronze Whaler Sharks (Carcharhinus brachyurus), also known as Copper Sharks, are a sought-after game fish for recreational anglers in many

Bushmeat snaring

Bushmeat snaring is a widespread hunting method in Sub-Saharan Africa. Public landscapes in this part of the world are often

Himba smoke shower

The Himba women continue to practice traditional methods of personal hygiene. This includes using a smoke shower and a mixture

Safari footwear for hiking in African savannas

Proper safari footwear is essential for hiking in Southern African savannas. These savannas are defined by a lush grassy layer

Grey Foam-nest Tree Frogs

Grey foam-nest Tree Frogs (Chiromantis xerampelina) are also called ‘Southern Foam-nest Tree Frogs’ or just ‘Foam-nest Frogs’. Their native distribution