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Beachcombing for Vongole clams in Northern Italy

Vongole clams (Ruditapes philippinarum) are the main bivalve species collected from the flat beaches of the Adriatic Sea in Northern

Skinning and processing of dormice in Slovenia

Before dormice can be skinned, processed and cooked - they have to be caught. That is an art of its

Swiss pine cones and their uses

The Swiss pine (Pinus cembra), goes by different names in German-speaking countries, such as 'Zirbe,' 'Arve,' 'Arolla pine,' or 'Austrian

Dormouse trapping in southern Slovenia

Worldwide, the dormouse family consists of three sub-families and 29 species and in Slovenia the ‘European edible dormouse’ (Glis glis)

Water dispensers for handwashing

In former Soviet Union- and their satellite states, many citizens had and have water dispensers in their so-called ‘Dachas’ (Russian:

How to find freshwater on sandy beaches?

Freshwater seepages occur along drainage lines on beaches, where the water table meets the sea. These seepages are fed by