Some varieties of edible wild mushrooms in DR Congo

Bubwaka bwaka is found on oil palm trunks and other trees in dense shade. These mushrooms can be pink or white.

Bufwa ngudi growing on the end of a dead oil palm trunk in the shade.

Bulongo (Lentinus squarrosulus) appears between April and December. These were growing on the stumps of Hallea stipulosa and Hymenocardia acida.

Bundolo (Termitomyces sp.) was found growing in the shade among fallen leaves.

A large Termitomyces mushroom from Kimbao

Termitomyces microcarpus

Some mushroom collectors

Children with Termitomyces letestui (both photos)

Termitomyces aurantiacus

Termitomyces letestui

And some sellers

Termitomyces aurantiacus (with orange cap) on the left and T. mammiformis (grey cap) lower center

Termitomyces mammiformis

Mushroom market in Kinshasa

Bunsambi (Polyporus tenuiculus) grows on dead tree trunks (particularly Voacanga africana) and can be found throughout the year. It is cooked with simsim or seeds of pumpkin or squash.

Lumvumvu (Lentinus squarrosulus) Grows on dead wood in the forest. Photo: Jacques Miaglia

Lutumbula or Lutumbulu is found in large quantities in the savanna at the start of the rains. The mushroom is very popular being used as a substitute for meat and vegetables. Eating large amounts, however, is believed to cause illness.

Nkaka bu bwaka bwaka The “grandfather” of Bwaka bwaka, on a dead Dacryodes edulis tree.

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