Disinfecting water with Potassium Permanganate

Small black snakes of Southern Africa

Collecting Pipi clams at Rawai Beach

Bottom fish traps of the Urak Lawoi people

Rectangular squid traps in Thailand

Catching mud crabs at Koh Lanta

Giant Fennel pith for transporting fire

Red-tailed pipe snake

Ambarella fruit in the Mekong Delta

Trapping eels in Northern Vietnam

Advanced Rifle Handling (ARH) for Trail Guides

Bow Drilling – following the method of Mattias Norberg

Giant Fennel stalks for lighting fire

Vine snakes of Africa

Giant Fennel stalk wood as building material

Edible rock snails in limestone areas of Vietnam

Blowpipe hunting with Orang Asli people in Malaysia

Collecting Bibi worms on Koh Lanta

Wild asparagus in Sicily

Stone huts at Mount Etna in Sicily

Ginger flowers add zest to food

Young Cassava Leaves provide protein and micronutrients

Vegetable ferns are a source of nutrients in Siberut

Scissor Traps of Thái Đen tribals in Vietnam

Bow Traps of Thái Đen tribals in Vietnam

Domestic pigs as food by Mentawais

Deadfall Traps of Thái Đen tribals in Vietnam

Mentawai forest huts

Rattan fruits in Siberut jungles

Giant snakes