Brief introduction of:

Herman Roos

Herman Roos is the owner and founder of ‘Boswa Survival Training Academy’ in South Africa, and he has been training students in the art of survival for more than 15 years.

 He has survived in most of the extreme environments on our planet and has extensive experience in arctic-, jungle-, ocean-, coastal-, bushveld-, mountain-, and desert survival.

 Herman is a full-time survival instructor, dive master, expedition leader, climbing instructor, canoe instructor, snake handler, medic, sea rescue specialist, mountain rescue specialist, SAMSA ocean skipper, cave diver, sky diver, lifeguard, and adventure writer.

 He is an extreme adventurer having climbed epic mountains, dived into extreme depths, explored caves and survived many extraordinary adventures. He lives a life most people only dream of.

 As Herman puts it in his own words: ‘I started Boswa Survival as a dedicated training academy in 2007. Since then, I have trained more than 3800 students in the art of survival and people from all walks of life attend my outdoor survival courses in the Western Cape, Gouritzmond just outside Mosselbay, and in Gauteng.

I train people how to become self-sufficient in the outdoors. It is my passion to not only teach survival skills, but to give people life skills that encourage them to grow in confidence by facing challenges in all aspects of their lives. I live to teach survival.’

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