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Gouritsmond Survival Adventure


Our ‘Gouritsmond Survival Adventure’ consists of two modules:

Module A: The ‘Survival Adventure Course’ teaches all necessary skills for living in nature of the Western Cape and is honing these skills in practice.

Module B: Skills learned in Module A will be applied on a 3-days and 45 km long Survival Trail from Gouritsmond to Stillbay.

Both modules are designed to work seamlessly together, but each one can also be booked separately.

Module A:

To become a Survival Adventurer is a personal journey of discovery that will allow you to explore your own abilities and challenges, grow into a leader and become a true outdoors man/woman. You will follow a progressive training program that will open your mind to the amazing world of Bushcraft and Survival, and you will learn and master skills that will last a LIFETIME ! You will become the BEST of the BEST !

Where is the course held ? – This course is held at our base camp in Gouritsmond, Western Cape.

What will I eat on the course ? – All meals are included in the course price, and you will experience camp food as well as survival food.

Where will I sleep on the course ? – You will sleep in a variety of sleeping systems including basha shelter, natural shelter and even simply around the campfire.

Required fitness level: Intermediate

Itinerary :

Day 1 (08h00) Survival Adventure course starts with course briefing and orientation. (09h00) Basic survival training including demonstrations and practical training. (16h00) Shelter set-up for the night.

Day 2 (07h00) Continue with Advanced survival training where the focus is on personal skill development. (15h00) Shelter building.

Day 3  (07h00) Bushcraft training. Primitive skills training for the day including carving, campcraft and primitive fire lighting. (18h00) Sleep in natural shelters.

Day 4  (07h00) Navigation training including map, compass, GPS, and natural navigation using the sun, moon and stars to navigate accurately. These skills will be used on the qualifying hike

Day 5  (07h00) Bush medic first aid training day where students will learn how to treat injuries and illness in the outdoors using improvised and natural medicines.

Day 6  (07h00) Solo survival training for 48-hours where students build their own shelter and use the skills learned to survive on their own for 2-days.

Day 7  (07h00) The final day of solo survival experience.

Following STASA (Survival Training Association of South-Africa) qualifications can be received on positively fulfilling this Survival Adventure Course:

  1. Basic survival course
  2. Advanced survival course
  3. Bushcraft course
  4. Navigation course
  5. Bush medic course
  6. 2-night Extreme course
  7. 2-night Solo survival

Module B:

After the ‘Survival Adventure Course’ – Module A, complete this amazing experience on a qualifying survival hike on a 45 km coastline stretch from Gouritsmond to Stillbay in the unspoilt garden route of the Western Cape. This rugged shoreline has claimed many ships in the past and some historical wrecks are still in the area. An abundance of sea life and challenging terrain will make this survival hike an experience of a lifetime. Join us for this epic survival adventure journey !

On this survival trail we will focus on foraging for food in the rocks and on sandy shores, fishing with primitive fishing techniques, locate and make water using survival methods, find shelter and sleep in the dunes on the coastline, navigate using the sun, moon and stars and perform self-rescue by hiking to safety.

Route:                        From Gouritsmond to Stillbay, Western Cape, South Africa

Environment:          Coastal rocks, sandy shores, and dune fynbos biome

Wilderness factor:   43

Distance:                    45 km, 3 x 15 km/day

Fitness level required: Intermediate

The course and trail will be organized and conducted by Boswa Survival Training Academy, based at Gouritsmond, South Africa. All participants need to complete and sign the Boswa booking and indemnity form before attendance.





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