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Island Survival

Location: Cres – an Adriatic island in Croatia

Date: Postponed to 2024

Island Survival is a 4-day course in a remote area of island Cres and it will demonstrate how to survive a shipwreck. Participants will learn how to react in extreme conditions; they will acquire water (active/passive distillation, excavation, etc.), make friction fire, and find many ways how to use the marine litter.

The food will be gathered or hunted on the island and from the sea. It will consist of Mediterranean plants, fish and other coastal food. Various fishing techniques will be used (traps, angling, spearfishing, …). Many other activities such as building a raft, shelters, spears, wild game tracking, food preservation, etc. might take place depending on the situation.

The equipment needed for this course are warm clothes (in November it can be already chilly), hiking shoes, a sleeping bag and 3 liters of water, a snorkeling mask

Arrival time on day 1: 19:00 (7 pm), meeting at Osor 8 (Pizzeria Orfej), Cres Island, Croatia

Departure time on day 4: 13:00 (1 pm)

The minimum number of participants is 4 and the maximum is 10. In case of too few attendees, the organizer can cancel the course the latest 21 days before the event. Terms & conditions see this link.

This workshop will be held in English language and conducted by ‘Gozdovništvo Bushcraft & Survival School Slovenia’. In case there is a purely German-speaking group, we also can conduct the course in the German language.

Gozdovništvo can organize transport from Rijeka Airport for additional costs. For more information about the workshop, you can contact them at gozdovnistvo@gmail.com or call +386 4129 9469.



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